Revamp Point 1: Added action elements make battles even more fun

(1) Swiftly dodge the enemy's attacks and hit back with a Special ATK!

Flick the screen during battle to carry out a quick move and dodge. Gauge your enemy's attacks and time your dodges to close in on the offensive!

Move quickly by flicking the screen!

(2) Action varies by character type!

Press and hold the screen during battle to carry out a Type Action!

  • Fighter Type

  • Warrior Type

    Power Strike
  • Assassin Type

    Close-Quarters Strike
  • Mid Range Type

    Charge SP
  • Sniper Type

    Critical Focus
  • Supporter Type

    Quick Cooldown

Revamp Point 2: Updated UI! Reduced app startup and load times!


My Page doesn't just add a better view of the characters you use in battleā€”it also reduces transition time to Quest, Crew, and Theater screens.

My Page added

Revamp Point 3: Get your favorite characters! Character Log Quests are here!

Character Log Quests

We've added

Characters Appearing

Other Revamp Points: Thousand Storm gets more accessible

Public Lobby added

There are three types of Public Lobby: the

Theater Screen Revamp

Now displays Special ATK demo animations. Now it's easy to tell how a new Skill will work!

And that's not all...

Dropped stamina system

With the stamina system gone, you can take on as many quests as you like!

Beginner Challenges added

Challenge Missions for new players added!

Crew Screen redesign

Redesigned to make acquiring characters and equipping Scene Cards easier!

Try out the new One Piece Thousand Storm now. Download here!